FAQs: Corporate Team Building Activities

Gaia Grant

Interview with Gaia Grant for Singapore Airlines (Silk Air) Inflight Magazine

by Nicola Churchouse

The Bulletin / Newsweek: The Damage Done

The Bali expats and intelligentsia are disgusted by Australia’s racist reaction. The other 230 million Indonesians ask, “Schapelle who?”

Asia Times: Crisis on, chicken off menu

By Gary LaMoshi

Asia Times [- Excerpt -]
On Sunday, Indonesia joined the growing list of countries affected by an epidemic of an avian flu virus that can also infect humans, conceding that the outbreak may date back to September. Thailand and Vietnam have reported human deaths from the flu.

Australian Financial Review: Coping in a Culture of Perpetual Crisis

AFR This article appeared as a feature in The Australian Financial Review Jan 29 2004

An Australian company is helping businesses in Asia learn how to deal with a crisis. As Bill Pheasant discovers, it's now being put to the test.

Incentive & Meetings Asia: Lateral Golf, A Culture Mix for Corporates

Demand for corporate team-building activities are increasing in Indonesia as more companies feel the need to strengthen their teamwork in facing tough competition.

Some existing companies are expanding their business, and some others are entering or opening a corporate division with team-building activities as part of their services.

Interview: What makes successful team building?

Mix Magazine Interview Andrew Grant Andrew Grant

Heads together: Andrew Grant interview with Mix Magazine

by Joshua Tan of Mix Magazine, Sept 2009

Future Edge Interview: Corporate Creativity

By Wayne Morris of Future Edge Ltd.

Media Interview on Creativity

Wayne Morris (WM): What part has creativity / creating played in your life?
Andrew Grant (AG): keeps it varied, interesting and enjoyable

A Wealth of Happiness: Finding the Balance

By Kevin Voigt: Asian Wall Street Journal

What Brings Us Happiness?

There has been an explosion of research dedicated to the issue in the past decade. Some researchers now believe that our emotional buoyancy is genetically set within a range, which acts as an anchor to our enthusiasm in good times and as a balloon in bad.


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