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Level of Facilitation

Choose one


Choose one



A) Minimal




B) Normal




C) Elaborate (Hollywood version)


LEVEL OF Production

Programs can be focused on achieving outcomes based on the quality of set up (ie audio visual, physical environment, standard of materials and production, and the way the event is themed and integrated). All Tirian's Dimension 1 programs are themed with a memorable story line, however they can also be divided into three different levels, each requiring a specific standard of production:

A) Minimal Production

Minimal Programs are for groups where the emphasis is on the content and message OR for groups with a tight budget and lower expectations. Minimal programs use minimal set up and theming for the activities to be achieved. Expectations are realistic to the chosen program. A Minimal program is suitable for small/medium groups if: content is the focus, the ratio of facilitation is high and/or the time to develop relationships is given. Recommended for group sizes 5-20 or any straight training session.

B) Normal Production

A Normal Program means the emphasis on set up and production / theming will be suitable to the event but not excessive. This is suitable for small/medium size groups who would like an emphasis on content, but would also like to be provided with some experience in order to make the learning memorable. Recommended for group sizes 10-60, or when you want the keynote talk and /or training session to stand out.

C) Elaborate Production (Hollywood version)

These Programs are set up and themed to impress. An atmosphere is created to create an unforgettable experience in the participant’s mind. An Elaborate (Hollywood version) Program is highly motivating due to the environment created. Group expectations are high, and can only be reached or exceeded by a commitment to matching the environment to the expectations. Tirian can achieve an Elaborate program by choosing an exotic venue or theming an existing venue with a quality set up. Groups requiring Elaborate Programs will need a healthy budget and/or can use economy of size. Recommended for large groups where the creation of an atmosphere is vital to ensure participants are engaged and motivated. Recommended for group sizes 40-500.

Most of our
Dimension 1
can be run as
"Hollywood versions". Ideal for large groups, conference groups and or groups wishing to have maximum impact


 “Unrealistic expectations” or “over selling” leaves both the client and the vendor unhappy with the time they spent together, therefore it is vital that realistic expectations are set in accordance to the number of facilitators needed and level of theming required. This mostly will come down to both overall budget and the wisest use of the budget in terms of where to best invest the money.  As part of our service we will offer to help you chose the best combination, but it is important that you have a realistic idea of budget options and outcomes. Many companies are prepared to invest in a more in-depth program when they see the added value it offers. For this reason we have designed our  “Third Dimension Programs ” which is  a system that integrates learning with activity.


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