Village Celebrations' Success Stories

This program really reinforced the importance of respect and diversity on multiple levels. It was fascinating.

Joann Patrick Ezzell President and CEO
AT&T Asia Pacific

I know this will last in our peoples’ minds for many years to come. Far exceeded our expectations.

A Unique Team Building Program for Corporations Held in Bali

Discovers Tirian's signature Bali team building program the Village Celebration ™. Its been hailed as one of the most creative and amazing team building events to be experienced and it's exclusive to Tirian and Bali. Combine this session with our workshop / seminar Building the Corporate Village, and discover lasting principle to build a sense of authentic community, collaboration and team work in your organisation.

Village Celebrations Team Building Program

Creating global communities

An opportunity to explore the dimensions of corporate culture and community through recreating the elements of a unified authentic Balinese celebration.

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