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Philip Cornwall

Jane Harvey-Gibbs

Jane Harvey-GibbsJane is a warm and humorous facilitator with extensive experience in creativity from applied art and design, as well as academic study. She holds a B.F.A.

David Eyman

David Eyman

As both a business professional and an industrial designer, David Eyman understands the multi-dimensional process that leads to innovation, from conceptualization and development to planning and implementation. As a facilitator, his expertise lies in guiding businesses, non-profits, and governments to develop infrastructures that allow new and productive ideas to emerge and flourish.

William (Michael) Lenihan

William (Michael) LenihanMichael Lenihan is a highly experienced executive advisor and business consultant who has focused on impact leadership and consulting, functional and operational cross cultural and economic management, project management, and corporate business development.

Courtney Zwart

Courtney Zwart

A seasoned innovator with a passion for creativity, Courtney has spent most of her career creating, developing and implementing novel solutions to business problems. She has held senior level positions in innovation and new product development at both J.P. Morgan Chase and Citibank and now consults on applying creative problem solving processes to business challenges and goals.


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