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Successful companies know the value of individual personal development. Attaining the skills to deal with day to day issues and reach longer term goals is vital in today's changing society, so coaching has become a valuable tool for success. It is valuable to have an independent unbiased person available to mentor individuals (confidentially) and assist with developing the skills needed to be successful in life and work.

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Why Use an Independent Facilitator

Innovation, Organizational Leadership, Change Management, Strategy

The CEO of Shell Oil when interviewed recently, discussed how at an offsite meeting, where the executive team got together for important discussions, a key failing was revealed. "None of us had even the simplest skills for talking to each other in a meaningful way. We could debate, but we could not listen or share what we were thinking effectively. Our facilitator helped us to begin surfacing problems and lay out our real feelings."

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Innovation, Organizational Leadership, Change Management, Strategy

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