Singapore Leadership Development and Team Building

Tirian is a leading provider in Singapore for business facilaitirn leadership training, innovation workshop, creativity workshops, corporate team building, team building games, intelligent team building events, and corporate events for various organizations  In Singapore Tirian offer keynote talks for executive conferences, seminars on corporate creativity culture and innovation workshops to develop leaders and teams.

Tirian has an extensive range of unique individual team building and leadership programs to run in Singapore and are able to offer a customized version based on your individual organization and team development needs. We prepare intelligent corporate team building events with both international conferences run in Singapore, multinationals based in Singapore, and local Singapore companies. We help ex-pats from all over the world and locals work together effectively for successful corporate team building results in Singapore. We understand the issues multinational companies face working in Singapore and can help facilitate discussion for best practices across cultures in Singapore.

Why Organizations Require Team Building Events


Some reasons your organization would want team building activities may include to:

  • improving communication
  • improving team productivity
  • motivating a team
  • identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members
  • helping participants to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses
  • practising effective collaboration with other team members
  • getting everyone onto the "same page" and setting team goals
  • making the team workplace more enjoyable
  • getting to know each other within the team

As a team-building consultant, we actively evaluate your team to make recommendations and provide suitable activities & exercises for the team. We plan corporate events based on our individual or customized programs. After the activities, we will evaluate the team building program and communicate the results to your organization.


Tirian is locally registered in Singapore as TIRIAN PTE LTD

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