Team Building & Leadership Programs by Tirian

Tirian is a leading provider of team building activities, team building exercises, team building games, corporate team building events, integrated leadership and team development for a wide range of organizations worldwide. Tirian has a unique extensive range of individual team building programs as well as leadership training programs and is able to offer customized integrated programs based on individual organization and team needs.

As a team building specialist, Tirian actively evaluates teams to make recommendations and provide suitable activities and exercises for the team. We plan corporate events using our individual programs or the client’s customization needs. After the activities we evaluate the teambuilding program and communicate the results to the organization.

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You can browse below a list of Tirian's design team building and leadership programs knitted specially for corporate team building events :



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Team Building Program: The Sky is not the Limit

The Sky is not the Limit

Exploring potential for maximum individual and team performance

A fascinating simulated journey into outer space, where teams are required to travel beyond the known boundaries of simple group behavior to discover the potential of effective team networking through a series of simple but challenging exercises or ‘missions’

Team Building Program: WhoDunIt


Recognizing the individual’s roles and responsibilities in the context of a team

A hilarious murder mystery session run by professional actors in which participants work together in teams to solve clues and learn more about themselves and others in the process



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Team Building Program: On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

Dealing with the pressures faced by diverse teams in challenging scenarios - creating common perspectives and language to streamline communication across barriers

A dramatic themed program that simulates an expedition to Antarctica to look at the effects of pressure on teams

Team Building Program: On Shifting Sands

On Shifting Sands ™

The desert challenge for contemporary teams. Is the future of the new team 'on shifting sands'? Contemporary teams face increasingly difficult challenges and require extra cohesion.

An exciting themed program challenge that simulates an expedition across the desert to look at the effects of pressure on diverse teams. (Note: this program is the outdoor version of "On Thin ICE")

Team Building Program: What Happened to Wat

What Happened to Wat?™

Building sustainable teams & organisations who are revaluating their growth & proactively assessing a stalled downturn scenario strategy

A complex team puzzle challenge based on historical accounts from the ancient era of Angkor Wat involving cooperative negotiation and collaborative problem solving

Team Building Program: No One is an Island

No One is an Island ™

Encouraging team awareness and developing teamwork strategies

Developing survival strategies through participating in simple physical initiative exercises in a ‘deserted island’ environment to achieve effective teamwork

Team Building Program: Village Celebrations

Village Celebrations™

Identifying the elements of community and defining corporate identity and building community support within the organization

An opportunity to explore the dimensions of corporate culture and community through recreating the elements of a unified authentic Balinese celebration

<Team Building Program: The Ramayana Rescue

The Ramayana Rescue

Creating a unified combined outcome through coordinating efforts within and between teams

A colorful ‘cultural adventure’ that involves coordinating the re-enactment of famous cultural myths through designing, building and racing traditional devices

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You can browse below a list of Tirian's design team building and leadership programs knitted specially for corporate seminar & workshop events :



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Team Building Program: Take 2

Take 2

Utilizing story as a means of changing organizational culture

An energetic interactive program that provides the opportunity for participants to create their own movie representation of the company culture

Team Building Program: The Creative Appliance Project

The Creative Appliance Project ™

Understanding and communicating the organizational values and vision

Designing, building and marketing a new appliance in an ‘Apprentice’ style project which focuses on finding the identifying features of the organization and representing them through the product

Team Building Program: Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory

Discover how to find innovative solutions and improve systems and processes in your own organization.


A unique experiential learning hands on exercise. It simulates the problems of a non-productive company, and addresses the issues of customer dissatisfaction, low staff morale, and failing organizational processes.

Team Building Program: Who Killed Creativity

Who Killed Creativity? ™
( The Creative Connection Foundations )

Does school kill creativity? Do people lose creative ability over time, and is our education system the culprit?


Match your knowledge against that of the latest brain research and sociological experts to see "Who killed creativity" and find out how we can get it back?

Team Building Program: Catch Me if you Dare

Catch Me if you Dare

Understanding the need for crisis awareness , and developing strategies for managing individuals and teams in crisis situations

A realistic, fast paced and intellectually demanding simulation exercise designed to promote dialogue and assist individuals with understanding the issues related to crisis and reputation management

Team Building Program: Endangered


Setting and achieving goals while coping with change

Jungle themed initiative activities involving tribal competitors which focus on learning effective planning and multi-tasking to achieve set goals

Team Building Program: Rapid River Rescue Team Building Program

Rapid River Rescue

Planning, coordinating and communicating to achieve goals –  forming strategies to cope with unpredictability

An exciting whitewater rafting adventure which emphasizes effective project planning, coordination and communication in the face of unpredictable challenges





Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction I ™

Discovering your unique personality profile

A unique self-discovery process exploring individual behavior styles as revealed by the DISC profiling tool.

The EQ Quest ™

Increasing emotional intelligence

Understanding the importance of EQ and knowing how to build it in leaders and teams for developing effective organizations

Ultimate Optimism ™

Boosting positive thought strategies

Practical thought strategies for improving personal and interpersonal satisfaction and effectiveness

The Life Rhythm™

Finding a balanced lifestyle

Building a balanced lifestyle and finding positive personal engagement strategies through managing energy levels effectively



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction II ™

Discovering unique connections in teams

Using the DISC profiling tool to identify team strengths and weaknesses through team profile graph charting

Mission Possible™

Building a united vision

Forming a positive vision and mission strategy through examining core values in a creative and collaborative context

The Collaboration Concept™

From coexistence to full cooperation

An interactive introduction to the essential concepts of teamwork and collaboration for maximum results

The Collaboration Deception™

Part of full Collaboration Concept program suite

How leaders can bring more a collaborative approach to a naturally competitive environment

The Communication Package™

Connecting with others across barriers

Developing positive communication strategies through appreciating the challenges of connecting across potential barriers


The Reality of Virtual Teams™

Relating across barriers

Recognizing the unique challenges of virtual and international teams and learning how to deal with these through participating in targeted experiential exercises



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction III ™

Discovering unique client connections

Using the DISC profiling tool to help identify internal and external client needs and relate to these more effectively in order to improve client relations

Building The
Corporate Village™

Developing a corporate identity to cope with change

Introducing the concept of focusing on building supporting communities rather than empires in order to cope with the challenges of change.

Inventing the Future: The Leader as a Story Teller™

The stories leaders share about the organization

Why does Coke taste better when you know its Coke? What did stories tell us about Enron and the Subprime credit crunch before they tanked? Are Dilbert’s Kafkaesque bureaucratic mission statements more genuine than yours?

Inspiring Leadership ™

Enhancing leadership potential

Discovering contemporary principles of proactive leadership through specific analysis of case studies and practical applications


Developing an innovative culture

Unlocking individual and team creativity and building an innovative culture through a sequential seven step discovery process with unique concepts and practical applications


Inter/active Presentations™

Mastering the art of dynamic presentations

Learning the art of making an impact in presentations through connecting with people. and mastering these skills in focused presentation sessions with targeted individualized feedback



Team building for corporation and organizations is primarily aimed for improving team performance. A variety of practices can be held for team building activities ranging from simple bonding activities to sophisticated activities designed to develop a team, including group assessment and group-dynamic games.

Top reasons why organizations require team building activities include:

  • improving communication
  • improving team productivity
  • motivating a team
  • identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members
  • helping participants to learn more about their
    strengths and weaknesses
  • practicing effective collaboration with other team members
  • getting everyone onto the"'same page" and setting team goals
  • making the team workplace more enjoyable
  • getting to know each other within the team

Tirian's Individual Team Building & Leadership Program Modules

Tirian has a wealth of experience in corporate team building activities, team building games and team building training across various regions. Tirian can offer team building, keynote talks, seminars and workshops to develop leaders and teams available worldwide. We work with both international conferences in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the Americas and Asia, and with multinationals based in these regions.

We also specialise in helping expats from all over the world and locals work together effectively for successful corporate team building results, particularly in Asia. We understand the issues multinational companies face working in Asia, and can help facilitate discussion for best practices across cultures. Tirian has designed special team building programs customised for the needs of many teams working internationally and cross-culturally.

Please visit the Full team building & leadership program range for more details or review our programs above: