Team Leadership

Dimension 1: Team building and simulations


Program Outcomes

Program Description

Team Building Program: On Thin Ice

On Thin Ice

Dealing with the pressures faced by diverse teams in challenging scenarios - creating common perspectives and language to streamline communication across barriers

A dramatic themed program that simulates an expedition to Antarctica to look at the effects of pressure on teams

Team Building Program: On Shifting Sands

On Shifting Sands

The desert challenge for contemporary teams. Is the future of the new team 'on shifting sands'? Contemporary teams face increasingly difficult challenges and require extra cohesion.

An exciting themed program challenge that simulates an expedition across the desert to look at the effects of pressure on diverse teams. (Note: this program is the outdoor version of "On Thin ICE")

Team Building Program: What Happened to Wat

What Happened to Wat?

Building sustainable teams & organisations who are revaluating their growth & proactively assessing a stalled downturn scenario strategy

A complex team puzzle challenge based on historical accounts from the ancient era of Angkor Wat involving cooperative negotiation and collaborative problem solving

Team Building Program: No One is an Island

No One is an Island

Encouraging team awareness and developing teamwork strategies

Developing survival strategies through participating in simple physical initiative exercises in a ‘deserted island’ environment to achieve effective teamwork

Team Building Program: Teamography


Identifying major features of the team and developing strategies for ‘mapping the team’

An exciting adventure journey that involves racing through an unknown area and mapping the key features in order to reveal team dynamics

Team Building Program: Factor X

Factor X

Understanding the basic importance of team building concepts, and developing effective communication for creative problem solving

A fun reality game show-like program with simple mental and physical team building exercises

Team Building Program: Village Celebrations

Village Celebrations

Identifying the elements of community and defining corporate identity and building community support within the organization

An opportunity to explore the dimensions of corporate culture and community through recreating the elements of a unified authentic Balinese celebration

Team Building Program: The Ramayana Rescue

The Ramayana Rescue

Creating a unified combined outcome through coordinating efforts within and between teams

A colorful ‘cultural adventure’ that involves coordinating the re-enactment of famous cultural myths through designing, building and racing traditional devices

Dimension 2: Seminars and workshops


Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction II

Discovering unique connections in teams

Using the DISC profiling tool to identify team strengths and weaknesses through team profile graph charting

Mission Possible

Building a united vision

Forming a positive vision and mission strategy through examining core values in a creative and collaborative context

The Collaboration Concept

From coexistence to full cooperation

An interactive introduction to the essential concepts of teamwork and collaboration for maximum results

The Collaboration Deception

Part of full Collaboration Concept program suite

How leaders can bring more a collaborative approach to a naturally competitive environment

The Communication Package

Connecting with others across barriers

Developing positive communication strategies through appreciating the challenges of connecting across potential barriers

The Conflict Code

Managing disagreements effectively

Learning the triggers for conflict and tools for practical conflict resolution through analyzing and reflecting on potential conflict situations

The Reality of Virtual Teams

Relating across barriers

Recognizing the unique challenges of virtual and international teams and learning how to deal with these through participating in targeted experiential exercises

Dimension 3: Facilitation and coaching


Program Outcomes

Program Description


Team Profiling

Highlighting team strengths and weaknesses


Team Positioning System

Identifying areas for team development and designing strategies