Self Leadership

Dimension 1: Team building and simulations


Program Outcomes

Program Description

The Sky is not the Limit

Exploring potential for maximum individual and team performance

A fascinating simulated journey into outer space, where teams are required to travel beyond the known boundaries of simple group behavior to discover the potential of effective team networking through a series of simple but challenging exercises or ‘missions’

Team Building Program: WhoDunIt


Recognizing the individual’s roles and responsibilities in the context of a team


A hilarious murder mystery session run by professional actors in which participants work together in teams to solve clues and learn more about themselves and others in the process

Team Building Program: Lateral Sports

Lateral Sports

Developing mental strategies for maximizing potential

An interactive sports challenge which assists with finding the ‘links’ between personal competence and performance

Team Building Program: Get Over It

Get Over It

Dealing with the silo mentality through learning to share resources, as well as negotiating using win/win strategies for superior solutions

Resource management exercise learning to deal with the changing seasonal challenges faced by fictional isolated mountainside communities

Dimension 2: Seminars and workshops


Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction I

Discovering your unique personality profile

A unique self-discovery process exploring individual behavior styles as revealed by the DISC profiling tool.

The EQ Quest

Increasing emotional intelligence

Understanding the importance of EQ and knowing how to build it in leaders and teams for developing effective organizations

Ultimate Optimism

Boosting positive thought strategies

Practical thought strategies for improving personal and interpersonal satisfaction and effectiveness

The Life Rhythm

Finding a balanced lifestyle

Building a balanced lifestyle and finding positive personal engagement strategies through managing energy levels effectively

Maximum responsibility

Personal accountability through engagement and empowerment

Developing individual, team and organizational responsibility through building engagement and ultimately empowerment

Dimension 3: Facilitation and coaching


Program Outcomes

Program Description


Behavior Style Profiling

Highlighting individual behavioral strengths and improvement areas


Emotional Intelligence Assesstments (Individual or 360 Degrees

Identifying emotional capability and providing guidance to continued emotional development


Personal Balance Plans

Identifying potential areas of stress and assisting with finding a balance