International Focus

Unique cross-cultural focus

Tirian's experience with over 30 cultures in 20 countries worldwide has ensured we have been able to successfully assist companies and teams with a mix of beliefs, backgrounds, religions and work ethics to reach practical and unified solutions to issues.

  • Many of our programs are designed to suit cross-cultural teams with the following key objectives:
  • To create a shared vision and understanding of team identity
  • To align work goals and approaches
  • To develop a common ‘language’ for improved communication
  • To create an environment where people can have an open dialogue between cultures to share best practices
  • Increasing performance in cross cultural teams

Modules for dealing with cross-cultural issues

Sample Tirian modules that provide the opportunities to focus on the above deliverables.

D1 themed simulation modules:

  • On Thin Ice
    Understanding team dynamics and creating a common language to streamline communication between individuals and departments. Also looks at international and virtual teams and teams under high pressure.
  • Catch Me if you Dare™
    A cross cultural experience where teams have to deal with and solve crises, issue & risk management.
  • The Sky is not the Limit™
    Balancing competition & collaboration.
  • Building The Corporate Village™
    Understanding the concept of community and redefining corporate identity.

D2 workshop, seminar and keynote modules:

The complete solution

All of the above modules can also include our targeted 4-Step Process including needs analysis, custom design and post-program follow up.

  • Verbal interviews, Needs Analysis, questionnaire and/or full Psychometric Evaluation before program
  • Personalized coaching or one-on-one sessions.
  • Individual and group personality or behavior profiling
  • Implementation

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