Innovation Solutions

Is your business keeping up pace with your competitors? Are you coming up with better ideas faster?

Do you have strategic innovation systems in place and a culture of innovation across the organization, where each person naturally looks for better ways to solve challenging problems?

Our research into the most successful innovative companies has revealed that these companies are able to effectively establish the two major parts of the innovation process:

Creativity Scene Investigation Programs Suite


Creativity bookThe creative thinking skills and mindsets that need to be developed in individuals in order to come up with novel ideas through strategic brainstorming and ideation.

Developing an innovative culture. Unlocking individual and team creative potential and building an innovative organizational culture through a sequential suite of programs and intervention that utilizes practical problem solving strategies & design thinking methodologies.

The CSI (Creative Scene Investigation) program suite leads to transformation through innovation – producing superior results through better problem solving skills and more efficient and effective work practices (‘doing more for less’). These sessions provide a productive hothouse environment that is immediately applicable high level business ideas and solutions (keynotes, assessments, workshops, experiential learning, simulations, business facilitation & consulting).

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The Innovation Race Programs Suite


Innovation bookThe innovation systems and structures that support the development of specific new solutions.

A comprehensive suite of programs and resources designed to reveal how to build a culture that supports purposeful and sustainable innovation and growth. This program suite can be used for: Leadership development - a chance for leaders to reflect on their own leadership style to see how it might impact innovation from their team and organization, Culture change - deep dive workshop for executive teams to explore workable innovation strategies, reflecting on their organisation culture to come up with actionable items to bring about the change needed, Team Building - a fun and interactive way to explore team innovation principles through gamification, Diagnostic - tools to assess individual leadership strengths and challenges, and to identify the climate and culture of an organization and Business facilitation - to facilitate a constructive change process by providing the opportunity for open dialogue in a safe environment.

For more info visit our original interactive workshops, simulations, keynotes, assessments, articles & book on innovation on how to build an innovation culture based on the breakthrough new book "The Innovation Race: How to Change a Culture to Change the Game"