Informative Webinars


Tirian can offer informative webinars or informative seminar via the Web (Internet), to deliver presentation, teaching material or even workshop which all conducted online.

Our informative webinars are almost comparable to physical face-to-face seminars meetings, only different in fact that they are conducted online & delivered via the Web (Internet) medium. Our informative webinars can be attended by many people at once, who might in different geo locations, but must be at the same scheduled time. On Tirian informative webinars, participants can interact through videos connection, sharing files and documents, images and even chat text.

When Tirian have a scheduled webinar, at the allocated starting time Tirian's presenters or moderator would initiate a video conference and invite to join on board all of the registering participants, so we can all sit together and listen to the stage & presentations. Later on the scheduled Questions & Answers session we can let participants who have questions to ask and would get direct answers. When the time is limited and we have many participants asking, Tirian might select which / whose questions get answer.

In contrast to Webinars, when you attend a seminar you need to come to a designated location, but on a webinar you only need to be ready at a pre-set time and you can take part in the seminar wherever you are as long as you are connected to the Internet. But unlike seminar, you definitely will need the following devices:

  1. Computer or Laptop or maybe smartphone whenever you're on the go and do not mind its narrow screen
  2. A fast & stable internet connection
  3. A web browser, a modern and capable one, usually the latest version.
  4. A headset or loud speaker. if you use notebooks, they usually have a built-in internal speaker
  5. A microphone. Again if you use notebooks, they usually have a built-in internal microphone that can be turned on when you need to speak
  6. An email address, used when registering for our webinar and may receive info & links to our webinar materials & downloadables

Some benefits with our informative Webinars, include:

  • Time & cost effective, as you do not need to leave your place while following webinar.
  • Very flexible timing & places. You can attend our informative webinar wherever you areas long as you have a fast & stable internet connection.
  • You can interact with many people from different locations at once, even if you don't meet these people in person
  • You can learn directly from Tirian's facilitators and specialists and got the informative training and materials

For more specific offerings and as responses to the “SARS-CoV-2 pandemic”, check out Tirian's Digital Solutions & Facilitated Online Experiences >