Personal Balance Plan

The Personal Balance Plan™ is designed to assist individuals with gaining more control over their personal and professional lives. By using this plan, it is expected that individuals will have improved self-understanding and specific strategies for gaining a life balance.

Through this plan individuals will learn to:

1. Identify the need for change

  • Outline areas for growth and change
  • Identify areas of personal need
  • Consider positive mental strategies

2. Manage the balancing act

  • Find barriers and challenges to growth
  • Develop strategies for growth

3. Set goals for positive change

  • Identify practical goals
  • Schedule time and activities to support planned changes
  • Evaluate implementation

The Personal Balance Plans™ include:

  • Energy Diagnostic
  • ‘Spheres of Responsibility’ Graph
  • Time Assessor
  • Schedule Planner

The Life Rhythm seminar is designed to assist with working through and implementing these balance plans. See also the Life Balance Retreat for suggestions on the ideal context to create the Balance Plans.