Organizational Transition Programs

Redundancy and outplacement workshop & coaching programs:
Preparing individuals and organizations for the future

Times of organizational transition can have a major impact on individuals and organizations. When individuals are made redundant, in particular, a number of people are affected. Tirian’s organizational transition coaching and workshop programs offer practical solutions for all levels dealing with periods of change and uncertainty.

Why These Programs are So Important

When organizational transition is handled badly employees will often end up feeling bitter about the experience and the way they have been treated, which means that as they speak to others about their experience the company’s reputation will be adversely affected. However when organizational transition is handled well the opposite can be true. Redundancy and outplacement workshop and coaching programs provide support, encouragement and advice for all people affected by organizational transition.
Employees can participate in group workshops and/or personal coaching sessions to help them to focus on their goals. These sessions can be used to:

  • Outline challenges and opportunities
  • Strategize for the future
  • Build self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Develop necessary skills (eg in communication)

Who These Programs are Targeted to

There is a range of programs available which can target the needs of:

  • The individuals who are leaving or changing circumstances
  • The leaders and HR managers who need to deal with the changes
  • The people who are left behind, uncertain of their own fate and how the organization will change

Benefits to the Individual and the Organization

Professional independent support enables:

  • Greater ownership and buy-in for individuals through:
    • Increased ability to explore options and imagine possibilities for the future
    • Greater awareness of personal issues that affect performance
    • Greater understanding of how to set and achieve goals and how to develop necessary skills
    • Specific skill development (resumes prepared, job search skills, networking tips etc)
  • Improved solutions to work-related issues for the organization through:
    • Greater understanding of issues and how they affect work teams
    • More active decision making
    • More constructive communication, conflict resolution and problem solving strategies.

This all results in higher levels of employee commitment and satisfaction during the change period, and ultimately organizational integrity.


Program Options Outline

1. Support Program for Displaced Individuals

Ultimate Optimism: Facing the future with confidence

  • Positive self-talk strategies to provide the skills and confidence to face the future
  • SWAT Analysis to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Career options
  • Job seeking: Internet, agencies, using existing contacts

Dynamic Interaction: Maximizing your potential

  • Knowing your personal work style: how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • Separating situation from person
  • DISC, ECi Assessment Tool to identify potential areas for growth
  • ‘The First 90 Days’: getting established early in a new job (identifying key stakeholders, managing a team, getting early wins, gaining influence and respect)

Inter/active Presentations: Presenting yourself positively to create opportunities

  • Resume preparation
  • Addressing job criteria: preparing an effective cover letter
  • The initial contact: how eg phone, letter of introduction etc
  • Interview preparation:
    • Preparation for the interview: your own questions, review the company
    • Interview skills: what to wear, do’s and don’ts
    • Interview questions
    • Managing rejection
    • Managing referees
  • Being in control of negotiations and conversations (including salary negotiation – how and when to do it)

The Life Rhythm: Finding new lifestyle solutions

  • Assessing current work/life balance
  • Identifying current stressors and challenges
  • Learning stress management techniques to deal with stressors and challenges
  • Looking for new options and possibilities that will maximize life balance

2. Support Program for Leaders and HR Managers

The Communication Package: Positive communication strategies

  • Notifying of displacement:
    • Preparing for “ The Discussion “
    • Creating the right environment
    • Focusing on the job not the person
    • When the person should leave – consider potential liability of having them work out a notice period.
  • Dealing with issues
    • Dealing with difficult discussions
    • Conflict management
    • Getting the right legal advice

3. Support Program for the Restructured Team

Dynamic Interaction: Maximizing team potential

  • Assessing the skills balance of the new work team, discussing new roles and responsibilities and opportunities for retraining
  • Recognizing personal working styles: how to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses within the team
  • Dealing with negativity
  • DISC, ECi Assessment Tool to identify different reactions to change and potential areas for growth

Ultimate Optimism: Facing the future with confidence

  • Positive team strategies to provide motivation to face the future
  • SWAT Analysis to identify challenges and opportunities


Sample program package:

  • Workshop (1 – 2 days) and/or
  • Group Coaching session: 4 - 6 participants (2-4 hours)
  • Personal career coaching sessions (1-2 hours)
  • Email support (3 weeks)