Tirian is able to provide a simple leadership profile tool based on their ‘Leadership Positioning System’.

For more in depth profiling, Tirian utilizes the specialized Leadership Development Report from RocheMartin, which combines scores from the BarOn EQ-i (an Emotional Intelligence Assessment) and the MBTI (a personality style assessment), into a comprehensive, and powerful leadership development tool aimed at mid to senior level managers and executives.

This profile is written in a positive, developmental tone and provides extensive and detailed information across twenty-one emotional intelligence competencies that underpin seven higher-order leadership dimensions. The Leadership Development Report contains a summary of the individual’s most distinctive characteristics with a description how these characteristics work to his or her advantage or disadvantage in an organizational setting, including: vision, organizational intelligence, problem solving, change management, team development, self-management, and stress management.

The detailed profile is usually delivered in a highly personalized, collaborative 2-3 hour face-to-face feedback session designed to maximize an understanding of the specific meaning of scores, reinforce and clarify existing strengths, target development needs and build effective strategies to increase leadership competencies. This process becomes particularly effective when followed up with a coaching strategy which is designed to reinforce and integrate the learning of the profiling into the workplace environment.