5. Group Dynamics & Learning

Designing, Facilitating & MCing for conferences and events

Group Dynamics & Learning

Our facilitator can work with the key stake holders & organisers to develop, design & deliver a conference that meets the outcomes of the strategy or vision. Our facilitator will create learning experiences that will involve the deliberate use of the 'praxis method', utilizing actioned events and facilitated reflection to bring about lasting change and learning.

General facilitation outcomes:

  • Providing design, motivation and flow to a program
  • Helping people get to know each other better, providing opportunities for positive interaction, and assisting with working across boundaries
  • Reinforcing the team / group spirit and a sense of identity


Our facilitation can assist with:

  • Tying a program together to ensure there is an effective flow towards the outcomes:
  • Introducing the program concepts
  • Designing learning & conference programs
  • Linking the sessions through highlighting key themes and outcomes before and after presentations
  • Facilitating discussions related to presentations
  • Advising on how to prepare the different learning settings to provide positive environments that could change as different needs evolve and to maximize interaction
  • Helping design / adapt the presentation methods to ensure maximum impact and to ensure they are engaging
  • Facilitating the general discussion processes to allow for full participation and to ensure the discussions remain focused and productive
  • Keeping the group motivated and involved through spontaneously providing relevant exercises, games and input where appropriate
  • Assisting with evaluating the success of the program


Facilitation can achieve the following:

  • Provide a productive context for positive change
  • Introduce important factors to consider in the context of the relevant issues
  • Nurture discussions towards positive outcomes
  • Assist with processing information and integrating concepts towards a constructive conclusion

How does having a Conference Learning Director (CLD) change your event?

The traditional compere is often either a glamorous TV or fashion personality or a funny raconteur and entertainer. They attract attention to themselves and attempt to lift the event by their superior presentation skills. If not done well, the net effect can often end up deflecting attention away from the core subject of the conference and can often make the speakers appear, by comparison, clumsy and dull. Still motivating, a CLD focus is on the learners and group dynamics.

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