Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi) Leadership Profiling

The Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi) is a short leadership profiling tool provided by our partners RocheMartin ® that measures your level of personal emotional capital quickly and accurately.

In only 10 minutes the ECi delivers a Report of your scores on the ten leadership competencies that research has identified as characteristic of outstanding leaders - and described in Martyn Newman's book Emotional Capitalists - The New Leaders.

Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi)
Leadership Profiling Assessment

Assessment Instructions

The questionnaire you are being asked to complete is a scientific tool designed to produce accurate and comprehensive information about emotional intelligence. All answers are completely confidential and cannot be discussed with anyone without your permission.

Please allow approximately 20-30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. It is important that you are in a quiet and comfortable environment where you won't be interrupted, and that you are in a reasonably relaxed frame of mind. You should aim to complete the questionnaire in one sitting.

Although simple to complete, the questionnaire is sophisticated and very sensitive to the accuracy with which you report your experience. As such, we would encourage you to invest in this process for yourself as the results will be most valuable to you if you respond in an open and candid manner.

When you have completed the assessment you need to click the 'send report' button.

For people who have been asked by their company or Tirian to do a pre-arranged online ECi leadership profiling assessment, please proceed below.

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If you have taken the assessment, you can view your report as described below.

To view your report:

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  2. Login with your account details if necessary
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