Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi) 360 Leadership Profiling

The ECI 360 is a multi-rater edition of the Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi) provided by our partners RocheMartin ® that combines your responses with the responses from invited colleagues. It provides you with the Multi-Rater Report, a confidential and highly detailed analysis of how others view your leadership performance.

Multi-Rater Report

The Multi-Rater Report provides you with scores on a global Total Emotional Capital score and scores on 10 emotional and social competencies.

These scores are compared to ‘Self’ scores to yield a gap analysis and an understanding of differences in self/other perception.

It also includes a verbatim section that provide colleagues with the opportunity to elaborate on responses and a Coaching Section examines priority areas and provides coaching strategies for improving leadership performance.

Emotional Capital Inventory (ECi) 360
Leadership Profiling Assessment

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