DISC Behavior Profiling Instructions

This page is for people who have been asked by their company or Tirian to do a pre-arranged on line profile assessment. You will need a password/keycode. If you do not have a keycode and would like to look at a range of profiling options.

To start your prearranged DISC assessments click here (a new window will open).

To take the profile first time:

  1. Click > new user
  2. Page: Enter in all your details including your company name (under the field 'organization')
  3. When asked for keycode type in (see your present email)
  4. Make up your own user name and password. (Write it down)
    NOTE: Once you have completed steps 2 & 3, you have used your credits, and cannot do the process again without additional charge. If you wish to start again re enter the user name and password you gave yourself originally,  but DO NOT enter in a new user name or password or you will be charged.
  5. Page: Welcome “name” your login was successful. Click > new report
  6. Page: Choose > The personality style report and Click > Go (green button)
  7. Environment: Work (NOTE: it is important that you fill in the assessment in a specific role at work)
  8. Page: Question; “Will you take the assessment or enter a tally score?” Choose > take the assessment
  9. Follow the online instructions. Do not use your back button on the browser or get interrupted so the program times out

NOTE: Reports will come to Tirian and then be distributed during the Tirian session. The assessment should take no more than 15 minutes. Answers should be given based on the first responses that come into your mind.

To view your report:

Tirian may give access to the online report (by special pre-arrangement only):

  1. Online report > click here (a new window will open).
  2. Enter your user name and password (the one you gave yourself when you signed in originally.
  3. Page: "Welcome Your Name – your login was successful". Click > view report
  4. Page: "Your Name generated reports". Click > on the report
  5. Page: "The personality style report”. Click > on any of the 10 pages to see areas such as: your graphs, main report, communication tips, personality traits, action plans etc

Other reseources:

Please note:

  • These above links are to independent sites and they may request for email: read their privacy policy. If you are at all concerned about your mental health please visit a mental health professional right away, Tirian programs and materials are intended to be used for educational purposes only, and do not represent legal or psychological advice.
  • Hard copy DISC testing and evaluating are also available.