Customized Consultancy & Bespoke Interventions: Options

Assisted Facilitation:

Following on from a Tirian workshop, the facilitation sessions can be used to earth the programs learnings integrated into a real business session. With this option the facilitator focusses on the group dynamics (and upfront is seen to take on more of an MC role). They ensure everyone is contributing, and the group stays on target along with learning to use the Tirian workshop content from the previous session, in this session. The facilitator would be given the content & agenda by the client, and co present the session with a client representative.

Pure Facilitation: Business Facilitation

Outcome / topic based facilitated sessions with IP -As described in the 5 options in this document covering topics such as:  1)  STRATEGIC PLANNING. 2) CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVIN. 3)  INNOVATIVE PROCESS DESIGN. 4) CREATING HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS. 5) GROUP DYNAMICS & LEARNING.

Stand-alone Bespoke Facilitation:

Along with the above roles (and scenario) - the facilitator can also work with the client prior: To consult with key stake holders & organisers to design & deliver a conference / meeting that meets the outcomes of the strategy or vision, & ensure that the objectives can be turned into content develop. (To create a learning experience that utilizes actioned events with facilitated reflection, to bring about lasting change and learning.) They would help design the sessions & content from scratch, and then facilitate, present & manage the session.  

Sample Consultancy Packages: (can be mixed and matched)

  1. Business facilitation: typically 1-3 days offsite design and prep, for every 1 day of onsite delivery
  2. Organizational consultancy: typically 5-10 days: mix of delivery, business facilitation, onsite & offsite

Conference design and delivery: typically 5-20 days offsite design, for every 1 day onsite delivery