Coaching Services

The value of coaching and mentoring

Successful companies know the value of individual personal development. Attaining the skills to deal with day to day issues and reach longer term goals is vital in today's changing society, so coaching has become a valuable tool for success. It is valuable to have an independent unbiased person available to mentor individuals (confidentially) and assist with developing the skills needed to be successful in life and work.

At Tirian we believe that each individual is the expert of their particular situation. We provide the framework for success, and support the individual in finding the answers that are best for them. The role of the mentor is to objectively reflect back observations and perceptions to clarify and further motivate the individual.

Coaching and mentoring can be done privately OR can be integrated in with any of Tirian's Third Dimension Programs. Many companies choose to have participants participate in "one-on-one" or small group sessions with a facilitator before, during or after a program. This ensures learning can be maximized for each person and therefore more easily transferred.

Different coaching options

Personal business and life skills coaching: Personal, confidential ongoing coaching to assist with implementing personal and interpersonal skills. Develops individual skills in effective communication, leadership and self-management. Can also focus on assisting with creating a positive work/life balance.

Team coaching: Ensuring individual goals and practices are aligned and ensuring coaching works in the context of the team.

Presentation skills coaching: Practice in preparing and delivering outstanding presentations, with personalized observations and feedback. Specifically designed to cater for individual styles and personalities.

Available profiling includes: BarrOn EQ-i, MBTI, CPI, DISC