Choose from 3+ Levels to Suit All Outcomes, Groups & Budgets

Designing, Facilitating & MCing for conferences and events

Choose from 3+ Levels to Suit All Outcomes, Groups and Budgets

Lite Level Facilitator

Lite Level Facilitator:

Lite facilitation  focusses on the RECREATIONAL aspect of facilitation: Designed to change the way people feel (to entertain, re-energize, relax, re-create, socialize, teach and learn new skills, etc.). Tirian facilitators can use a specific activity at a conference/program to make attendees feel included and to get them mingling.

  • Suitable for: conference MICE dinner etc. (Assisted Facilitation sessions)
  • Roles include: MCing, time management, review on the spot summarize the outcomes  (Note companies business leaders drive the agenda and deliverables & outcomes), anecdotal comments, energy, keeps event on track, basic team dynamics ensuring all people are actively involved.

Standard Level Facilitator

Standard Level Facilitator:

Standard facilitation  helps a group solve a problem by facilitating an effective process.. The focus is on the EDUCATIONAL aspect of facilitation: Intended to change the way people feel and think (to gain awareness of needs, to add knowledge of new concepts, to understand new ways to look at old or familiar concepts, etc.)

  • Suitable for: one off day or short term events
  • Roles include: Facilitate business meeting, Recapped outcomes, co-present with business leader, contributes to the agenda and outcomes, assisting with sequencing (not initiate or drive), conduct basic brainstorming discussion. (Plus all of the above)

Executive Level Facilitator

Executive Level Facilitator:

Executive facilitation  focusses on the DEVELOPMENTAL aspect of facilitation: It helps the group solve a substantive program and learns to improve its process at the same time. It includes a teaching element, to allow the group to eventually become self-facilitated. DEVELOPMENTAL facilitation is designed to change the way people feel, think, and behave (by increasing positive functional behaviour, by improving interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, etc and  address dysfunctional behavior.)  

  • Suitable for short intensive or longer term extended consulting interaction. Long term involvement and understanding of the issues. Requires more time, pre planning, and a senior experienced facilitator.
  • Roles include: Project management, consulting, helping the customer deliver outcomes, designs the sequencing, introducing best practices. Apply assessment tools as needed, Business facilitation set and driving the agenda. Shape outcomes, more responsibility on the consultant to help the client achieve want they want. Helping shape activities to deliver the outcomes. (Project manage this). Integration and design of road map (coaching seminars etc). Can work as part of the design, integration /implementation team, Pre and post reporting.

Executive Facilitation PLUS

Executive Facilitation PLUS:

Tirian often recommends 2 facilitators for extra challenging situations where the stakes are high, and may require process, group dynamics and mediation, (especially if there are strong personalities in the group, politics, hidden agendas, non-unified goals, or unrealistic expectations that may lead to conflict).

Executive facilitation Plus  focusses on the REDIRECTIONAL aspect of facilitation: Intended to change the way people feel, think, behave and resist (by decreasing negative dysfunctional behavior, & reducing opposition and denial)

  • Facilitator A: will focus on agenda - managing the upfront flow, energy, and leading the processes –(facilitation, time keeping, moderation, etc,)
  • Facilitator B: (working simultaneously) will focus on reading the group dynamics, managing personalities, mediation, providing an objective assessment of how best to proceed, increasing positive functional behaviour, improving interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, addressing dysfunctional behaviour & reducing opposition and denial. They will have access to a wealth of facilitation tools available to pull out should the group hit a road block or be needing to tie down goals and do specific action planning. (This often has to be created & adjusted as the group proceeds, by a second person, in order to keep things moving at a pace expected by the group).
  • Sharing the upfront time also allows for variety and more chance of connecting. AND if needed mediation.
  • Recommended for longer sessions and where it’s critical to give the outcomes the best chance of success (rather than be dictated to by budget)

Facilitation Roles, Packages & Bespoke Interventions: Options

Pure Facilitation:

Outcome / topic based facilitated sessions with IP - covering topics such as:

Assisted Facilitation:

Following on from a Tirian workshop, the facilitation sessions can be used to earth the programs learnings integrated into a real business session. With this option the facilitator focusses on the group dynamics (and upfront is seen to take on more of an MC role). They ensure everyone is contributing, and the group stays on target along with learning to use the Tirian workshop content from the previous session, in this session. The facilitator would be given the content & agenda by the client, and co present the session with a client representative.

Stand-alone Facilitation:

Along with the above roles (and scenario) - the facilitator can also work with the client prior, to ensure that the objectives of the session can be turned into content. They would help design the sessions & content from scratch, and then facilitate, present & manage the session.

There is a small amount of pre time allocated into every facilitation session. However additional design development work would need to be invoiced at the hourly / daily rate. Tirian can discuss these options once we understand more about the content for the session & time needed to be invested. Tirian is happy to consider all options as long as expectations are aligned. Please note that no IP is included in the facilitation sessions.

Support Facilitation:

Assists the presenter in a workshop session. This is great for when each group (table) needs direction and support, or is working on their own issues and challenges.