Pure Business Facilitation Sessions

Innovation, Organizational Leadership, Change Management, Strategy

Tirian's facilitation approach ensures that outcomes of meetings are effectively achieved and the individuals involved maintain both ownership of the process and the outcomes. With a professional Tirian facilitator meetings can move much faster and with less stress. Constructive dialogue can replace debating, and individuals can be carefully guided through each stage of the process. Most importantly, our facilitators use a holistic approach that takes into account the human dynamics that are at play during a process. So even something as technical as "strategic planning and goal setting" or "design thinking", we know that it's important to work with the personalities and dynamics in the room - as these will affect the outcome! Our Pure Biz Facilitation sessions have been created from our most successful programs, and they can be integrated into, or follow on from these workshops. They can also run as standalone sessions that jump straight into achieving immediate results plus we can even design and MC a whole conference learning experience.



  1. Mission Possible: Vision mission values 
  1. Strategic Deployment, Planning and Goal Setting –
    To reach important goals
  1. Creative Scene Investigation: Creativity & innovation 
  1. Critical Thinking, Design Thinking & Problem Solving: 
    To generate ideas and solve issues and challenges
  1. On Thin ICE: Creating high performing teams
  1. Creating High Performing Teams, Team Mapping &  Sociographs: To create effective communication processes
  1. The Chocolate Factory: Innovative process design
  1. Innovative Process re-Design:
    To improve processes and motivation