Risky Business

Risky BusinessDealing with crisis

Developing strategies to cope with crisis effectively and deal with risk management issues through a series of revealing challenge exercises.

Program concept

How do you lead a team through a crisis situation?How is it possible to effectively prepare people for ‘whatever comes next’?
Learning to weigh up risk and manage issues effectively before they arise can make all the difference in individual and team performance under pressure. The ability to define what might happen in the future and to think about the possible alternatives has shaped the way contemporary societies function, and this program helps to develop those skills. It is important to know ahead of time how individuals and teams would cope in a crisis situation. No organization can afford to wait until it is put to the test. Leaders must learn to determine the urgency of issues and manage individual and team behaviours in response to pressure. They also need to accept that issues can quickly transform into crises if they are not managed appropriately. It is essential to recognize the fact that the longer an issue continues, the fewer choices are available and the more it costs – while early action allows for flexible and creative thinking.


  • Reveals that it is the way we handle potential and actual risk that defines our ability to deal with issues and possibly prevent them from escalating into crises, both individually and as corporate groups or teams.
  • Because the capacity to manage risk and the inclination to take risk on board and make forward looking choices are both key elements in producing the energy that drives economic systems, these elements are analyzed and assessed in the individual and team context.
  • Participants learn that the way issues are handled can mean the difference between a crisis out of control and a proactive solution – between profit and loss. They learn how to move away from one-way information flow and towards active internal and external dialogue that promotes solutions.

Program Outcomes

Learning about personal reactions to managing issues
Exploring positive ways to present issues and negotiate when under pressure
Knowing how to maximize team strengths in crisis situations


  • A tool for evaluating risk and making decisions under pressure
  • A team assessment strategy for defining strengths and weaknesses in crisis situations

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.