Building a united vision

Forming a positive vision and mission strategy through examining core values in a creative and collaborative context.

Program concept

How do you create a culture of passion and commitment in an organization?
As information becomes a commodity and today’s excellence becomes tomorrow’s norm, companies will have to understand the power of “story” in their organization. But this cannot simply take place at the executive level. Every person in the company must know, understand and be able to live this “story”. Because the true test of people understanding their company’s values will be if they can apply them outside their given field, it is important for all employees to know the core and non-core issues of the organization. As these factors can significantly influence success, morale and direction, team leaders will need to have a clear idea about what can change and adapt to the environment and what should never change. As Collins says in ‘Good to Great’, visionary companies will not see there is a choice between living according to their values or being pragmatic; they will see it as a challenge to find pragmatic solutions that are consistent with their core values and vision. These companies will recognize that delivering good generic customer service will no longer be enough to distinguish a business, and that in order to deliver consistent experiences throughout the organization, every individual will need to understand the philosophy of “branded customer service” and live by it.


  • Uses the latest educational methods to help participants discover for themselves how much they know and should know about their organization.
  • Allows individuals to feel a part of the bigger picture, and encourages them to contribute to the growth and development process. Participants discover the specific strengths of their company, how to develop these, how to brand customer service, and how to live these values in their everyday work.
  • Through unique organizational thinking and planning experiences, including creating and marketing a signature product, participants are challenged to think “outside the box”.
  • By the end of the session, participants will be highly motivated and will have the resources, individually and as a team, to make the necessary changes to move the organization through to the next level.


  • Prioritized values chart
  • vision/mission/goals statements (as appropriate)
  • Specific strategies & daily action plans
  • Unique branded customer service concepts

Program Outcomes

Discovering how the company culture and core values impact on the organization internally and externally
Analyzing current goals and missions, or developing a new vision, in the light of identified organizational needs and concerns
Living the vision through strategic planning and branded customer service

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.