Maximum Responsibility

Personal accountability through engagement and empowerment

Developing individual, team and organizational responsibility through building engagement and ultimately empowerment.

Program concept

How important is personal responsibility in today’s organization?
With the relatively recent dramatic change in organizational structure from a hierarchy to a flat structure, individuals are now being expected to take more of a direct role in determining their own and the organizations success. People at all levels are now expected to contribute to improving effectiveness and performance as individuals and teams in the context of the wider organization. Greater personal responsibility is essential for developing shared leadership and:

  • Allowing for full engagement in work
  • Providing opportunities for empowerment and growth within the organization
  • Ensuring there is alignment in purpose and actions
  • Establishing a firm commitment to reaching shared goals
  • Building a strong company culture

There can, however, only be growth and development over the long term when there is a high standard of commitment through personal buy-in. This cannot simply come from a purely rational commitment: it must come from a deeper level of engagement that drives emotional commitment. But many individuals do not know how to contribute at this level. By focusing on specific areas of performance that can be improved and setting standards for these, shared understanding and responsibility can be ensured and a positive culture created.


  • Introduces the concept of full accountability through engagement and empowerment and what it means for individuals and for the organization.
  • Through Tirian’s challenging card game Bid to WinTM, program participants are introduced to the need for responsibility, and through the speed project challenge they have the opportunity to apply these principles in practice.
  • The program is designed to help individuals to know how to become more personally and professionally responsible, as well as how to create a culture of commitment within an organization.

Program Outcomes

Knowing how to contribute to personal, team and organizational development
Strategies for setting up systems for accountability
Practical accountability tools


  • A project management tool for ensuring accountability at all levels

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.