Inspiring LeadershipEnhancing leadership potential

Discovering contemporary principles of proactive leadership through specific analysis of case studies and practical applications.

Program concept

How can leadership styles be shaped to meet the needs of a specific company culture and context?
Information about leadership is not hard to get, but making sense of it for a specific environment is the key to positive change. The application of leadership principles in specific contexts is the real key to success. Teams are becoming more diverse, with changing cultural and environmental factors shaping the ways they function, and tailored approaches will be required to address the specific requirements and the new, unique demands of international, cross-cultural and virtual teams. It is important to appreciate that leadership is not about asserting power, it is about being a positive influence. When leaders understand how power and politics work in an organization, and how people can work together effectively as groups in challenging situations, they learn how to manage people more effectively – how to lead without wielding the big stick.


  • Designed to assist leaders with understanding contemporary leadership models and appreciating the importance of turning the latest theories into action.
  • Many of the principles taught in this session reflect the findings in Jim Collin's book “Good to Great” about level five leaders.
  • By discussing the impact of different leadership styles on individuals and organizations, and by encouraging participants to embrace empowering leadership principles, constructive leadership becomes a positive habitual skill.

Program Outcomes

Discovering positive leadership qualities for inspiring and empowering teams
Identifying individual leadership potential and compatible leadership style
Developing leadership abilities and skills


  • Individualized leadership profiles
  • A specific leadership development plan for building leaders within the organization

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.