Increasing emotional intelligence

Understanding the importance of EQ and knowing how to build it in leaders and teams for developing effective organizations.

Program concept

How important is self-management and self-control?
EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is the single most important factor in positive personal and professional development – in the long run it will be a greater determinant of success than even intellectual intelligence or practical skill. The degree to which individuals and teams are able to understand and manage their own and others’ emotional states will have a direct impact on the effectiveness and productivity of the organization.


  • An introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence, providing an overview of how a constructive approach to EQ development can impact on individuals and organizations.
  • Includes up-to-date research from Goleman and Bar-On (the leading developers of the concept of EQ) as well as practical exercises and group discussions.
  • A great introduction to Tirian’s D2 programs, providing an overview of the concept of EQ and enabling the opportunity for further exploration through other modules.
  • Designed to enlighten and involve even the most emotionally challenged individuals!

Program Outcomes

Recognizing the importance of emotional competence
Learning how to manage emotions in challenging situations
Developing practical strategies for developing emotional intelligence


  • A simple EQ assessment tool for checking growth in areas of key competence

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.