Discovering unique connections with clients

Using the DISC profiling tool to help identify internal and external client needs and relate to these more effectively in order to improve client relations.

Program concept

How is it possible to maximize the potential of client relationships? How do we effectively relate to clients now that selling is out of fashion and a more personalized approach is expected?
Today’s client wants to choose. The new emphasis on customer service means that every individual in an organization needs to be aware of their responsibilities in helping to meeting client needs. Because organizations have a number of different internal and external client groups, each individual must become a leader when it comes to developing proactive client relationships at all levels. Relating with clients is no longer about utilizing specific formulae and set strategies to win them over. Clever tactics simply don’t work anymore. The average client or customer – internal or external – is savvy enough to know when they are being subjected to a standardized spiel, and they will not tolerate impersonal approaches. The emphasis now is on integrity in intent and communication. Being able to really appreciate client individuals and contexts in order to target communication effectively to meet their needs will allow for genuine interchanges that are mutually beneficial and more productive.


  • Introduces simple tools for learning to understand the client’s position – as well as for recognizing individual communication strengths and how these can best be used in specific contexts.
  • By being able to interpret the dynamics that emerge in client interactions, individuals become better able to identify the particular requirements of the situation and choose the most appropriate methods of communication.
  • Through trialing scenarios which focus on the importance of appreciating the client’s situation and then discussing information from a position of genuine interest and concern for their needs, the participants learn the enthusiasm and confidence to improve customer relations – as well as the practical strategies for implementing important client relationship principles.


  • A tool for recognizing different types of clients and knowing how to most effectively share information with each type
  • A list of specific product benefits (rather than just features) which can be communicated in a client sales situation

Program Outcomes

Learning to work from a position of integrity and genuine concern for people
Recognizing specific client needs and relate directly to these
Communicating for success in client situations

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.