Discovering unique connections in teams

Using the DISC profiling tool to identify team strengths and weaknesses through team profile graph charting.

Program concept

Program concept

How is it possible to maximize team potential?
We are all different, and it is these differences that can make our work teams more efficient and effective. Heterogeneous teams (those with mixed behavioural, thinking and learning styles), can reach far more creative and superior solutions to problem solving than homogeneous teams – but only if they are managed effectively. Research supports the conclusion that the most effective people and teams are those who know themselves, recognize the demands of a situation, and adapt strategies to meet those needs. Using DISC profiles individuals learn to understand their behaviour and temperament and identify the environment most conducive for personal and organizational success.


  • Takes an in-depth look into how individual behavior styles can interact when in a team context.
  • People often adapt their behavior style according to who they are dealing with and what situations they find themselves in, and understanding the impact this has on the team can be a key to understanding team dynamics and effectiveness.
  • This program focuses on helping individuals understand how they tend to react with different behavior styles through looking at typical reaction patterns and encouraging scenario sharing, and also helps leaders and teams assess how effectiveness can be increased and higher levels of performance ensured.


  • A team DISC profile
  • A team behavior management strategy
  • A template for assessing appropriate communication strategies for improving team relationships

Program Outcomes

Knowing how different DISC profiles react in specific situations
Identifying the factors for success in promoting positive team dynamics through profile graphing
Maximizing team strengths and minimizing team weaknesses

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.