Discovering your unique personality profile

A unique self-discovery process exploring individual behavior styles as revealed by the DISC profiling tool.

Program concept

How is it possible to maximize individual potential?
We are all different, and it is these differences that can make our work teams more efficient and effective. Heterogeneous teams (those with mixed behavioural, thinking and learning styles), can reach far more creative and superior solutions to problem solving than homogeneous teams – but only if they are managed effectively. Research supports the conclusion that the most effective individuals and teams are those who understand themselves, recognize the demands of a situation, and adapt strategies to meet those needs. Using profiling (such as DISC / MBTI or iCLi), individuals learn to understand their behaviour and temperament and identify the environment most conducive for personal and organizational success.


  • Participants learn how profiling (such as DISC / MBTI or iCLi) can be used as a tool in many areas including, among others, leadership, teams, sales, and change management.
  • Uses Tirian’s fascinating experiential Walkaround™ exercise to help individuals identify their own individual behavior style.
  • Through an entertaining movie quiz which allows groups to analyze different movie characters, individuals also have the opportunity to see how the different behavior styles work in application.
  • Simple graph reading skills also enable individuals to interpret the results of the DISC questionnaire for the specific contexts they live and work in.


  • A personalized profile (DISC / MBTI or iCLi)
  • An individualized behavior management strategy
  • A template for assessing appropriate communication strategies for relating to specific behaviour profiles

Program Outcomes

Knowing personal DISC profiles for specific situations
Discovering behavior and leadership styles
Increasing self-awareness and improving self-management for individual and organizational success

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.