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Why is creative thinking important and is it different from being creative? Are children more creative thinkers than adults? Why are the newest recruits the most likely to be the most creative at work? This Quickbite helps leaders with their teams to open the topic on Creative Thinking, encouraging all people to see the need for it. Understand the role school might have had in shaping our workplace attitudes and how we can get over this blockage. Discover how smart leaders can recognize that the work environment could be inhibiting creativity, and learn how to ensure a creative development focus through positive leadership models.

Hands up - Who Killed Creativity?

How to create a creative environment

Hands up creativity


Study guide

Study guide


Leaders PPT
+ study guide

Hands Up

Part 1 How creative are you?

Part 2 Creativity secrets from the kids

Part 3 Creativity secrets from the experts

(available on YouTube)

Easy to read 4 page worksheet packed full of key points, quotes and discussion questions.

(Connects with the ‘Hand Up’ videos)

Over 20 slides & 20 note pages to assist group leaders to get the conversation started with your team. + study worksheet

(Connects with the ‘Hand Up’ videos & study guide)

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