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Does school kill creativity? Do people lose creative ability over time, and is our education system the culprit? Find out for yourself in this fascinating video... as children get older, they often see themselves as less creative. We went back to school to find out if children have any ideas on how adults can become more creative. They were not surprised to discover that their findings correlated with the latest research from Harvard.

Hands Up Part 1: How Creative are You?

Hands Up Part 2: Creativity secrets from the kids

Hands Up Part 3: Creativity secrets from the Experts


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More Complementary Videos

Brainstorming a Biscuit Video

Brainstorming a Biscuit: What can you see in a biscuit? A classic brainstorming creativity test - each time you bite a biscuit, see if you can come up with more ideas , than a child. (From The Creative Connection team building program by Tirian)

More Videos

  • Andrew Grant: From the Classroom to the boardroom (sample)
  • Gregory Burns: Stepping out (coming soon)
  • Prof Antoine Perruchoud: Applying Innovation (coming soon)
  • Bruce Haddon: How creative are creative people? (coming soon)

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1) Inspire

The Creative Journey

Creative JourneyHow can you unlock Creativity? Why are some people more creative than others? How important is it to foster individual creativity and build innovation? (6 mins)

2) Achieve

Stepping Out

Creative JourneyParalympics gold medallist and world record holder Gregory Burns talks about his 2 of his passions - Sport and Painting and the benefits of a creative outlook and an innovative mindset. (10mins)


3) Relate

Hands Up

Creative Journey Tirian goes deep under cover to find what the real experts say about creativity and why they are in danger of losing it as they get "more experienced" - Watch what happens to kids at school as they progress through the years. Discover from kids and teachers the secretes of Creativity. A fascinating interview with school students and their teachers which reveals how important creativity is, and how it can become stifled over time. These &slquo;experts&srquo; share their unique ideas on how adults can become more creative at work. (15mins)

4) Motivate

From the Classroom to the Board Room: Andrew Grant

Creative Journey A section of a keynote talk to IBM executives, challenging them to consider why &slquo;experts&srquo; can have the most trouble being creative at work. (12mins)

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