The Creative Connection was used by the following companies (*Fortune 500 companies) /industries to achieve the following:

Leading international Swiss bank*

  • Workshop for world leaders who gathered in London to explore how to implement their key initiatives effectively. (UK)
  • Introduction program to an Asia wide six sigma style roll out to ensure that all participants would be able to accept the changes that will take place as a result of the full program. (Asia & Australia)

Leading logistics company*

  • Ensure that parcels could get from the pickup to the airport more efficiently. (Singapore)

Internationally recognized children’s products company *

  • Re-ignite the sales and marketing team to find new ways to be motivated to market their products. (Hong Kong)

Economics department of one of the worlds largest banks*

  • Redesigned a important internal newsletter to ensure all people will read the relevant data. (From USA with rollout in Asia Pacific)

Country’s largest training and consulting company

  • Redesigned their sales process to become more efficient. (Thailand)

European machine lubricant company

  • Re-designed the way lubricants can be used by customers to minimize misuse of their products. (International)

Leading international Swiss bank*

  • Developed a value proposition for a regional group. (Singapore)

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.