Learn about the Chocolate Factory
See the meaning behind the Chocolate Factory and its driving message of innovative performance. Watch as a team of CEOs try their skills at creating a successful factory with over 300% improvement based on their learnings.

Indulge yourselves in a chocolate treat: Without innovation none of us would be eating chocolate. Instead we'd be drinking an expensive  frothy foam drink hand made by local Mayans. When production of chocolate first started it was a slow, tedious and costly process. Thanks to innovation and creative thinking we now all get to eat chocolate, but what else can we learn from this?

THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY is a fun unique experiential exercise that takes a specialized team development approach to organisational improvement. It simulates the problems of a non-productive company, and addresses the issues of customer dissatisfaction, low staff morale, and failing organizational processes. As a result participants experience how the factory improves its efficiency by up to 200%, which raises morale and delights the customer,  putting them rightfully back at the centre of a redesign.   Through exposure to such immediate outstanding results, participants discover how they also find innovative solutions and improve systems and processes in their own organization.

By empowering all people at all levels and encouraging them to contribute to the creative development process, individuals become inspired and equipped for positive transformation and in the process discover that it is possible to go beyond incremental improvements and impact a whole culture. With the accompanied inclusive integrated workshop ( using The Creative Connection™ tools), participants can also learn to analyze their processes and are shown how to do a simple redesign comparing current & desired states. Discover why South West Airlines has a profitable faster plane turnaround time than any other airline company, how a small chain supermarket competes with the big players, and see how simple it was for us to help staff dramatically  reduce bank queuing times? Chocolate Factory
With other fascinating case studies from Formula One to EBay, see how innovation makes it possible to empower everyone in the organization to start doing things faster, better and cheaper. When it comes to workplace issues, it is essential for everyone to understand how to find more efficient paths to improve effectiveness.


Business outcomes

Issues addressed

Specific solutions

1. Improving processes and systems

Need to know how to find more efficient and effective solutions through analyzing a current state and using creative thinking to introduce an innovative new desired state

Achieving goals faster, better and cheaper

Improving current systems

Creating new systems that support innovation

Cross functional process design

2. Improving customer service

Need to connect the innovation process with customer needs


Identifying the pivotal role of customers in the innovation process

Utilizing ‘outside innovation’

Utilizing customer knowledge to drive innovation



  • Introducing (in a fun and motivating way) Creative Cross Functional Process Redesign and Process Mapping
  • Empower your team to make quantum leaps in improvements
  • See first hand the damage of silo mentality and passing off of responsibilities.
  • Experience how easy it is to get overwhelmed in the process of handling products and emergencies.
  • Discover how changing customer requirements lead to increased complexity.
  • Balance product and special request costs and payoffs.
  • Learn that quality errors cost time and money, as well as increasing the frustration level on the team.
  • See the inherent need to plan for change, especially customer requirements.


“A fantastic framework for understanding a topic that is hard to pin down in.”
Young Presidents Organisation

“The Chocolate Factory recently gained one of the highest scores attainable in a YPO seminar receiving a ranking of 9.6/10"
Young Presidents Organisation (YPO)

“A great participatory environment conducive to learning concepts.”
Barclays Wealth - International Private Banking

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.