Who Killed Creativity? Was it X S Stress in the CEOs office with the Illusion of invulnerability, or Beau Rock-Racy in the Cube Farm with the  Scalpel Of Expertise? Match your knowledge against that of the latest brain research and sociological experts to see “Who killed creativity” and find out how we can get it back?

Interactive Team Board Game

The Creative Connection
  Foundations: CSI

Who Killed Creativity?

  • What is Creativity?
  • Why is creativity important?


Recently researchers discovered, after analyzing almost 300,000 Torrance scores of children and adults that in line with IQ scores,  CQ (Creative Quotient) scores had been steadily rising each generation.  However to their dismay, ever since 1990  CQ had consistently inched downward away from IQ. Tirian has also discovered in their workshops with adults, and their video ‘HANDS UP’ that as children progress through school & into the workplace, for many creativity declines. What are the causes of this trend? Do they exist in your workplace, effect your teams performance, and what can be done about it?
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ABOUT Who Killed Creativity:
(This can run as a stand-alone program, or integrated into any part of the Creative Connection workshop)

Who Killed Creativity is an action packed discovery board game style program, played in teams around a table. A clever blend between Cluedo, CSI and Sim City: makes for an intelligent & interactive lively discussion, designed to allow your team to openly explore important issues about creativity and innovation in a safe environment.

  • Discover the likely culprits, places and weapons used that suffocates creativity, both in your mind and the workplace.
  • Proactively design: a positive environment that is specifically conducive to creativity in your workplace, and help all employees develop a new mental state where creative thinking will flourish.
  • Learn how to identify the champions of innovation and creative thinking (resuscitators), & create thriving environments using the most effective tools that can ensure your organization can truly practice creative thinking and be innovative at all levels. 
  • Gain feedback from all employees about what they think are the issues and how to solve them.

Is there a problem?

SUSPECT: What blocks creativity?

LOCATION: Where does it happen?

WEAPON: How is creativity stifled?

How to rescue creativity?

RESCUE: What can rescue creativity?

LOCATION: Where can we rescue creativity?   

RESCUE DEVICE: What can rescue it? How can it done?     

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.