The Conflict Code

Managing disagreements effectively

Learning the triggers for conflict and tools for practical conflict resolution through analyzing and reflecting on potential conflict situations.

Program concept

Why are some people in constant conflict while others are able to successfully avoid it? What special skills does it take to resolve conflict and use it as an opportunity develop confidence in approaching difficult situations and ultimately grow from the experience?

Because conflict occurs when one individual or group perceives that another individual or group has caused or will cause harm, conflict can arise from a number of different factors. Discovering what these factors are, and how they can be more successfully addressed, is a key to the successful resolution of conflict.


  • Takes a good look at cooperative problem solving, negotiation and mediation, considering how our mindset affects our attitudes and shapes our experiences.
  • An introduction to the process of conflict resolution using a win/win approach and appreciating the principles that lie behind successful conflict resolution; participants will also have the opportunity to consider cross-cultural issues.
  • Videos of conflict situations are discussed and analyzed to enable program participants to identify potential conflict situations and how they can be effectively resolved.
  • Through also experiencing situations in which there is potential for conflict and practicing conflict resolution principles, the development of practical conflict resolution skills is ensured.

Program Outcomes

Understanding how conflict arises and appreciating typical responses to conflict
Recognizing potential barriers to effective message delivery
Practicing specific conflict resolution skills


  • A language template for dealing with conflict situations

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.