The Communication Package

Connecting with others across barriers

Developing positive communication strategies through appreciating the challenges of connecting across potential barriers.

Program concept

How is it possible to really connect with people?
Great communication can only be judged by what is heard, not what is said. The best and most effective businesses today rely on clear and honest communication, and so in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness, individuals must demonstrate integrity. To be able to demonstrate integrity it is important to learn how to share ideas with others, without manipulating them, using positive communication skills. It is also important to understand the barriers to communication that can arise in the modern working context.


  • Designed to improve employer and employee communication and client interaction in a cross-cultural environment.
  • By learning to tailor communication to different people and situations, it is possible to both streamline messages and presentations and use the best medium to get the message across effectively.
  • Through fun exercises focusing on practicing communication skills in different contexts, participants become more effective and understanding in dealing with communication issues. Through this session participants learn to:
    • Improve speaking and listening skills
    • Improve relationships
    • Communicate a message assertively and confidently
    • Understand the intended messages of others
    • Appreciate the importance of effective communication
    • Recognize barriers to clear communication
    • Understand basic negotiation aims and strategies

Program Outcomes

Understanding the context in which communication takes place
Applying a constructive approach to communication within specific contexts
Practicing communications as a positive two-way process


  • A personalized template for analyzing the best methods of communication for specific contexts
  • A means of assessing communication effectiveness

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.