From coexistence to full cooperation

An interactive introduction to the essential concepts of teamwork and collaboration for maximum results.

Program concept

"Companies try all kinds of ways to improve collaboration between different parts of the organization: cross-unit incentive systems, organizational restructuring, team work training. Although these initiatives produce occasional success stories, most have only a limited impact on dismantling organizational silos and fostering collaboration.” Harvard Business Review 03/05.

Good teams need to go beyond basic team building to become aware of the team dynamics while working, in order to foster healthy collaboration. Learning to work with peoples' differences, even harnessing conflict, can help to ensure superior and creative results.


  • An accessible guide to getting along with others and achieving more together.
  • This fun and insightful session is designed to address the needs of all groups, focusing on how effective collaboration can transform individuals and organizations, and providing basic principles for effective collaborative development.
  • An interactive introduction program to the concept of teamwork including:
    • The benefits of cooperation
    • Learning to work in alignment
    • Coordinating efforts
    • Developing trust and respect 
    • Building common goals
    • Becoming competent as a complete team

Program Outcomes

Developing team awareness
Building motivation to develop individually and as a group
Fostering an inclusive rather than individualistic concept of organizational growth


  • An assessment tool for measuring team effectiveness and growth in key competency areas

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.