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1) Inspire

Corporate Village Balinese Inspire

Building the Corporate Village
A though provoking short video challenging today's world to look at how our modern values affect our teams and workplace productivity. (3 mins)

2) Achieve

Corporate Village Balinese Achieve

Different worlds
In some of the poorest areas of war torn Cambodia, Habitat for Humanity are rebuilding hope through building houses, and - at the same time - introducing corporate leaders and their teams to the real power of community. “A unique encounter between different worlds, each searching for similar solutions.” (10 mins)

3) Relate

Corporate Village Balinese Relate

Urban realities (coming soon)
Comedian Paul Hogan finds out what attracts people to cities, what pressures people face in city living, and why creating supporting communities is the way of the future. Most people think that good working relationships are the key important factor in workplace satisfaction, but leaders fail to recognize this - what does the average worker think? (10 mins)

4) Motivate

Corporate Village Balinese Motivate

Building the Corporate Village: with Andrew Grant
A challenge to international bankers and economists on the value of investing in people as their greatest asset through creating a community based corporate identity (22 mins).

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Snack PAK Video

  • SNACK PAK Videos are fast paced, thought provoking short videos, covering key topics in their specific areas.
  • SNACK PAK Videos either come as part of  the complete Snack PAK of your choice OR are available as individual videos.
  • These videos are also used as part of Tirian's seminars and keynotes.
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