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Building Corporate Village Snack PAKThis Snack PAK looks at fostering an understanding of how and why people behave the way they do and how this affects organizational performance. It reveals how important it is to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that can cope with maintaining ongoing change. The importance of creating buy-in and ownership of any change and improvement process at all levels is highlighted. It is emphasised that teams, in the context of large companies, need to develop a sense of identity consistent with the values and goals of the organization. Unfortunately, although natural evolution and history illustrate humans need small group commitment to have a sense of belonging, many companies are realizing that in their attempt to build empires they are risking losing their most important asset – their people.

About Snack PAKs

Self-facilitation bundle PAKs (Personal Action Kits) designed for those who would like to explore the ideas and issues raised in Tirian's 3D programs with a small group with limited time and resources. More info >

CPS (Company Positioning System)

Company Positioning SystemA fascinating fictional case study of how an architectural challenge reveals to teams how values drive change. Tirian’s unique CPS provides a practical model for assessing the current and desired states for shaping the transition process.

Program outcomes include:

XPLORE: Identifying the important elements of corporate culture
XAMINE: Examining how cultural values can be established that will support a group / organization through transition
XTEND: Creating opportunities for buy-in and ownership of these principles

Kit includes:

  • DVD/video,
  • Leader's Guide,
  • PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM,
  • 5 Participant Workbooks,
  • 5 Reminder Cards,
  • 3 posters, email teasers and follow up
  • Bonus - 'How to be a successful facilitator' booklet

Books, DVD/Videos, posters are also available separately

Snack PAK kit currently only available as part of a Tirian run program.