Developing a corporate identity to cope with change

Introducing the concept of focusing on building supporting communities rather than empires in order to cope with the challenges of change.

Program concept

How is it possible to create a culture that can cope with change?
Most employees rate good working relationships as their number one desire in the workplace, yet business leaders often fail to recognize the importance of this. It is essential for individuals and teams to feel part of a group when modern forces make it difficult to feel a sense of belonging. Natural evolution and history illustrate that humans need small group commitment to have a sense of belonging, and many companies are now realizing that in their attempt to build empires they are risking losing their most important asset – their people. In order to prepare individuals and organizations for change, strong structures based on innovative approaches and positive interpersonal connections must be established. Silos should be broken down and individuals will need to understand the benefits of working in teams for a common goal. This will create constructive buy-in opportunities and engage and empower individuals thereby benefiting the whole organization.


  • Looks at the changes that have taken place in society, and examines what companies can do to be more effective in the future.
  • A fascinating fictional case study of an architectural challenge reveals how values drive change, and TIRIAN’s unique CPS (Company Positioning System™) provides a practical model for assessing the current and desired states for shaping the transition process.
  • The program emphasizes how important it is to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that can cope with ongoing change. By looking at the change process in context, participants gain insight into how to maintain a positive corporate culture. They learn practical tools for learning how to thrive (rather than simply survive) in times of transition.

Program Outcomes

Identifying the important elements of corporate culture
Examining how to establish cultural values that will support a team/organization through transition
Creating opportunities for buy-in and ownership of these principles


  • A framework for assessing organizational culture (TIRIAN’s CPS: Company Positioning System™)
  • Guidelines for developing organizational change strategies

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.