Dimension 2 Program Outline: Workshops & Seminars

A collection of corporate team & leadership development programs created by Tirian



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction I

Discovering your unique personality profile

A unique self-discovery process exploring individual behavior styles as revealed by the DISC profiling tool.

The EQ Quest

Increasing emotional intelligence

Understanding the importance of EQ and knowing how to build it in leaders and teams for developing effective organizations

Resilience for Sustainable Performance / Ultimate Optimism

Boosting positive thought strategies

Practical thought strategies for improving personal and interpersonal satisfaction and effectiveness

The Life Rhythm

Finding a balanced lifestyle

Building a balanced lifestyle and finding positive personal engagement strategies through managing energy levels effectively

Maximum responsibility

Personal accountability through engagement and empowerment

Developing individual, team and organizational responsibility through building engagement and ultimately empowerment



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction II

Discovering unique connections in teams

Using the DISC profiling tool to identify team strengths and weaknesses through team profile graph charting

Mission Possible

Building a united vision

Forming a positive vision and mission strategy through examining core values in a creative and collaborative context

The Collaboration Concept

From coexistence to full cooperation

An interactive introduction to the essential concepts of teamwork and collaboration for maximum results

The Collaboration Deception

Part of full Collaboration Concept program suite

How leaders can bring more a collaborative approach to a naturally competitive environment

The Communication Package

Connecting with others across barriers

Developing positive communication strategies through appreciating the challenges of connecting across potential barriers

The Conflict Code

Managing disagreements effectively

Learning the triggers for conflict and tools for practical conflict resolution through analyzing and reflecting on potential conflict situations

The Reality of Virtual Teams

Relating across barriers

Recognizing the unique challenges of virtual and international teams and learning how to deal with these through participating in targeted experiential exercises



Program Outcomes

Program Description

Dynamic Interaction III

Discovering unique client connections

Using the DISC profiling tool to help identify internal and external client needs and relate to these more effectively in order to improve client relations

Building The
Corporate Village

Developing a corporate identity to cope with change

Introducing the concept of focusing on building supporting communities rather than empires in order to cope with the challenges of change.

Inventing the Future: The Leader as a Story Teller

The stories leaders share about the organization

Why does Coke taste better when you know its Coke? What did stories tell us about Enron and the Subprime credit crunch before they tanked? Are Dilbert’s Kafkaesque bureaucratic mission statements more genuine than yours?

Inspiring Leadership

Enhancing leadership potential

Discovering contemporary principles of proactive leadership through specific analysis of case studies and practical applications

CSI: Creative Scene Investigation

CSI (Creative Scene Investigation)

Developing an innovative culture

Unlocking individual and team creativity and building an innovative culture through a sequential seven step discovery process with unique concepts and practical applications

Risky Business

Dealing with crisis

Developing strategies to cope with crisis effectively and deal with risk management issues through a series of revealing challenge exercises

Inter/active Presentations

Mastering the art of dynamic presentations

Learning the art of making an impact in presentations through connecting with people. and mastering these skills in focused presentation sessions with targeted individualized feedback