What Happened To Wat?

Sharing resources to face challenges

A profound experiential learning business simulation and team development program in which participants learn to identify patterns that can lead to a collapse and enduring principles for creating a sustainable organization. 'What Happened to WAT' is based on historical events with connected case studies that range from Angkor WAT to the Tower of Babel and the more recent sub-prime recession.

Program concept

In many organizations, the tendency to build up individual empires can be strong. But real or imagined internal competition, unfettered greed and empire building can threaten the stability of individuals as well as the organization as whole. Recognizing, instead, that success should only be measured by the achievement of the whole group rather simply the sum of individual achievements, allows for much greater impact and long term collaborative development. This program addresses these issues and motivates individuals to consider the values and the premises by which they live and work.


  • An amazing simulated physical and metaphysical challenge where teams race through history and time in the quest to be crowned the ruling tribe of the Angkor kingdom and learn to recognise the cost of blind ambition
  • Based on the history of the downfall of the ancient Angkorian empire of Cambodia, this zero sum game on negotiating, competition and collaboration is designed to play out the consequences of competitive groups working in silos, and demonstrate the value of inter-team collaboration and collective winning.
  • Like a good mystery novel, this program is ‘mechanism-designed game theory’ at its best: based on fact, with clever twists of fiction and clear applications for contemporary experience
  • The fast paced simulation will challenge teams to take initiative, struggle with ethical issues, and think on their feet.
  • Teams will learn to see and experience firsthand patterns that can lead to a collapse, and enduring principles on how to create a sustainable organization.

Program Outcomes

  • Challenge your team by experiencing the dynamics that can lead to a dysfunctional team and eventual organizational collapse.
  • Participate in a customised facilitated discussion looking the telltale signs and stages of a collapse through looking at case studies from Angkor Wat through to the Sub Prime collapse and subsequent recession
  • Ensure all key players can identify the building blocks that can be the foundations to a strong resilient company
  • Put in place proactive measures for preventing and recovering from a fall
  • Create and test strong values and principles that will ensure your organisation is built on a solid foundation

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.