Discovers Tirian's signature Bali team building program the Village Celebration ™. Its been hailed as one of the most creative and amazing team building events to be experienced and it's exclusive to Tirian and Bali. Combine this session with our workshop / seminar Building the Corporate Village, and discover lasting principle to build a sense of authentic community, collaboration and team work in your organisation.

What is your tropical island fantasy? Climbing a coconut tree? BBQing fresh fish from the ocean? Building with bamboo? Dancing in elaborate costume? Now it's possible to make these fantasies come true. By personally experiencing the exotic sights and sounds, auras and aromas, tastes and textures of Bali, many people are now learning the true meaning of paradise… and having a heap of fun in the process.

Build a Bali Village and discover that becoming Balinese is more than just putting on the costumes. It's learning to experience life from a different perspective. This experience broadens our view and helps us see things that we may previously have been unable to see.

This team building program unique to Tirian and Bali enables individuals and teams to reflect on their corporate culture and how they can promote more collaborative approaches. Professional international facilitators ensure there is complete involvement and effective outcomes.

A new way of solving a problem, working more effectively through relationships, and seeing the positive in situation.

This special Bali-themed team building program for corporations, Village Celebration, is only available at leading hotels in Bali.