Creating global communities

An opportunity to explore the dimensions of corporate culture and community through recreating the elements of a unified authentic Balinese celebration.

Program concept

The culture of an organization determines the ways employees will think and behave and, in turn, is shaped by these elements. And yet corporate culture can be difficult to define and even more difficult to deliberately build. By identifying the elements that make organizations work best and creating an environment that promotes these values, individuals flourish and teams are able to perform to maximum potential. To do this it is essential to build communities within that truly promote and practice group support. The Village Celebrations™ program allows for real reflection and analysis of the ways people can work together and create communities and ultimately build a transformational culture.


  • An on-site dramatic cultural experience in which groups prepare for a major Balinese ceremony with the support of a local Balinese community.
  • After being briefed on relevant cultural facts and preparing a traditional art form in groups, each group must come together and combine their efforts into a unified celebration.
  • Through a carefully formulated experience, participants not only become immersed in learning about the unique collaborative culture of the Balinese, but also gain amazing insights into the ways people can communicate better and work together more effectively back in the workplace.
  • The program enables individuals and teams to reflect on their corporate culture and how they can promote more collaborative approaches.

Program Outcomes

Understanding the importance of community
Identifying the elements of community and defining corporate identity
Building community support within the organization

This is another original and unique corporate team building program in Bali exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.