Daleel Petrolum

(120 people Muscat/Oman)

Daleel Petroleum was in the midst of a merger with a Chinese company, and had ended up with two distinct and very different cultures that - when combined - was creating a very counter-productive environment. Cultural differences were leading to destructive competitiveness and strong silo mentalities within teams and the organization as a whole. Compounding this was the fact that HQ and many operators in the field had communication issues. Tirian assessed the situation with interviews and a company-wide Needs Analyses and proposed "The Sky is not the Limit" program for 100 key staff. The program managed to enable individuals to see the destructive situation and change their thinking to become more of a collaborative team and organization. Tirian then worked with HR to develop a long term strategy to help the organization implement what they learnt during the 1 day session. Helping Muslim Omanis and Chinese work together as an effective team.

"This program helped us break down barriers by creating a common focus. You really understood our situation and were particularly sensitive to our religious and cultural issues"

Dir HR
Daleel Petroleum
Oman / Middle East

Sun Microsystems

(250 people Sydney/Australia)

Used as a conference energy booster. Sun Microsystems approached Tirian to kick off their yearly meeting with a bang. The IT engineers had described their past experiences with team building events as “mediocre”, so they needed to be convinced that this session was worth the time investment. Tirian offered a Hollywood version of the program that was designed to impress. The room was fully themed to make participants feel they were in outer space. The games were fast paced and energetic with short debriefs and input — just enough for the group to see the value of each experience but not so much to slow down the fun.

"Very suited to our group. You certainly had the WOW factor in there"

David Kerr
Managing Director
Enterprise Services
Sun Microsystems Australia

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.