Reaching maximum individual and team potential

A fascinating simulated journey into outer space, where teams are required to travel beyond the known boundaries of simple group behavior to discover the potential of effective team networking through a series of simple but challenging exercises or ‘missions’.


This interactive space themed program is more than just a fun team building session. Based on research from NASA, it looks at the importance of collaboration and addresses the thorny issues of destructive greed, internal competition and the 'silo mentality' in teams, clearly showing that the teams perform better than individuals and that companies work best when all units are aligned. Choose the Standard version to help explore and focus on the issues, or the Hollywood version to give a kinesthetic version and feeling of being in outer space. Learn the value of collaboration amongst mutually dependant players and see the difference in results when collaboration takes preference over internal competition.

Program Concept

With increasingly superior research and technology, we are now realizing that what was once thought of as the upper limit - "the sky" - is no longer a prohibitive boundary. What was unimaginable no more than a few years ago is now well within our reach. Speed and the depth of connection - when combined effectively - will allow us to penetrate deeper into the unknown. Efficient networks are the way of the future: connecting people and their varied ideas and resources. Through finding common pathways of understanding, recognizing different talents, combining resources, and sharing roles, people will be able to access much more ideas and information than they ever have before. But a network is only as fast and effective as its weakest link. This program helps to discover the weak links and build individual and team potential.


  • A table-based team development program which revolves around a series of fast paced interconnected themed activities.
  • Led by dynamic intergalactic presenters, teams are required to identify and utilize resources and ultimately break through their perceived limits.
  • This program combines interesting researched facts about space missions and interactive ‘mission’ exercises to explore the boundaries of individual and team potential and performance.

Program Outcomes

Balancing competition and collaboration
Thinking outside the box to achieve superior solutions
Exploring potential for maximum individual and team performance

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.