Mapping the team

An exciting adventure journey that involves racing through an unknown area and mapping the key features in order to reveal team dynamics.

Program concept

Just as every individual has a unique personality, so too every team gains an individual character according to the specific dynamics of the team members. Rather than simply being static, teams are organic dynamic entities that transform with the changing needs and demands of team members. Through ‘mapping’ the team structure, it is possible to identify the contours and challenges for team performance and focus on developing these. This program encourages individuals to analyze their team and share their ideas about team roles and responsibilities in a non-threatening way.


  • Uses an exciting adventure journey as a base for an experience that can be used for mapping team roles and performance.
  • By traveling through an unknown area and utilizing the information gained from clues found at checkpoints along the way, teams are challenged to map the key features and identify the terrain (can be hiking, bike riding, canoeing, four-wheel driving etc).
  • In the process, individuals learn and practice the skills of keen observation and recording. With checkpoints along the way, the challenge is to reach each goal before moving on to the next.
  • These same principles are then used to identify major features of the team and to help the team to focus on areas of need.
  • Through this energizing process the team is challenged both physically and mentally (according to their ability), and is given the opportunity to experience a mutual sense of achievement.

Program Outcomes

Developing strategies for ‘mapping the team’
Identifying major features of the team
Focusing on and addressing areas of need

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.