Contemporary team challenge

An exciting themed program challenge that simulates an expedition across the desert to look at how contemporary teams can deal with change. (Note: this program is the outdoor version of                                    ‘On Thin ICE

Program concept

Is the future of the new team ‘on shifting sands’? Contemporary teams face increasingly difficult challenges and require extra cohesion. As circumstances rapidly change the future is no longer certain, and leaders, teams and organizations will need to be able to rapidly adapt. It will be important for the organization of the future to be aware of the need to build flexible foundations ‘on shifting sands’. Through highlighting the issues that teams often face as companies attempt to keep pace with rapid technological and organizational change, it is possible to be better prepared for the impact.


  • A simulated (or actual) journey involving an exciting themed series of challenge set in the desert. In the challenges, groups must set up a Bedouin camp and then navigate around the desert landscape as virtual teams and find ways to navigate through the obstacles - learning to deal with different ideas and perspectives along the way.
  • Like the Bedouin who can adapt and move forward as needed, this program explores ways contemporary leaders and teams can learn to adapt.
  • Throughout the challenges, the overall team performance needs to be coordinated and information must be effectively shared in order to reach the common goal.
  • Fascinating facts from NASA’s Desert RATs (Research and Technology Studies) program & actual desert expeditions are woven into engaging and entertaining exercises in which individuals form expedition groups to ‘explore’ beyond their current experience into the future.
  • The challenges in this program address the issues of contemporary team communication, leadership, team dynamics, individual responsibility and much more...
  • The session provides specific takeaway tools for ongoing team development, including the practical ‘SAND’ strategy: To Strategize, Analyze, Navigate and Deliver.

Program Outcomes

Understanding the nature of team dynamics
Creating common perspectives and language to streamline communication across barriers
Dealing with pressures faced by contemporary teams in challenging scenarios

This is another original and unique program exclusively designed and presented by Tirian.